Lips to Love -1!

H e y   y a l l !

l2l edit 7

So the first step to a fabulous statement making pucker, is to take good care of them of course! You probably all get chapped lips in the winter, but did you know your lips can sunburn too? You can get away with it for a little while with pinks and nudes, but when your doing a extra bright or dark color, any roughness will show – badly!

l2l edit 1I found an amazing DIY lip scrub I wanted to share with you for just that purpose!

You will need: Water and Sugar

l2l edit 2

I also used: Honey and Olive Oil

Mix the water and sugar to make a paste. This is the base of your scrub!

l2l edit 5

Then add pretty much anything! Its not an exact science. Just mix the two a little at time (you will need far more sugar than water) until it looks about the consistency that you would want it. Then add other things that are good for your lips! Honey, olive oil, and an assortment of natural oils and such are at your disposal. You can have a little fun with it! (It’s really that easy!)

l2l edit 6

When your nicely exfoliated, don’t forget to moisturize! My favorite is the Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle creme. (Yes, I know it’s for your cuticles) But seriously, this stuff is amazing, and it works on everything! I mean, everything!

l2l edit 3,default,pg.html

Now that your lips are buttery soft and perfectly exfoliated, its time for the color! Please watch for my next article on the best ways to select and hold good color!

-Taylor, with Love


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