My Very First Nomination!

mono edit 2I am so proud and pleased to share that the talented Rubyangel711 has nominated me for the Sunshine award!! Her creative blog definitely shows off her years of experience in Fashion Visual Merchandising. She always posts relevant fashion articles that showcase a great sense of style. 🙂 Go check her out!

1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Notify your nominees about this post.

 Here are 11 facts about me!

1. My full name is Taylor Ren’e Ramos.

2. I am a southern bred Conservative.

3. The most important thing in my life is seeking my relationship with Jesus.

4. I was home schooled.

5. I can’t ride a bike.

6. I’m descended from royalty! (One of my ancestors was a knight for the queen of Spain.)

7. My most treasured possession is my great aunt’s string of pearls, a family heirloom.

8. Fashion is my passion! (Bad, I know. Don’t judge.)

9. I also have a hobby of special effects makeup art.

10. I love traveling and spontaneous adventures.

11. I speak some Latin and American sign language.

My answers:

1. My makeup mantra is:

My makeup mantra is less is more!

2. Who is your celebrity icon?

The celebrities I find that I emulate in my style and admire the most are Emma Watson and Emma Stone.

3.  What is your favorite style of Halloween costume?

I never dress up for Halloween, but I think if I did it would be simple and cute, from things in my closet.

4. You’re invited to a cocktail event last minute. Whatever will you do with your hair?

Throw it up in my go-to messy bun, with some cute pieces hanging out and the seed pearl pin I always wear for special occasions.

5.If you could only bring one beauty product with you on a 3-day vacation, what would it be?

My Burt’s bees lemon cuticle creme! That stuff is so moisturizing and works for everything!

6. What is your current favorite item of clothing/accessory right now?

My new Rebecca Minkoff cross body.

7. Packing your skincare products for a weekend getaway is…

Packing skin care products for a weekend getaway is easy as 123! Cleanse, moisturize and protect.

8. How often do you wear your hair in its natural texture?

I almost always wear my hair in its natural texture. I love my messy waves!

9. When applying blush, which of the following are you looking to achieve:…

The few times I wear blush, it is to achieve a pretty flush for a particular look that day.

10. What is your time-sapping makeup mishap?

My time sapping makeup mishap is when I smudge! I’m so clumsy!

11. What is your all-time favorite book?

As far as books, I am a major Harry Potter nerd! I definitely grew up with the characters. But as far as my favorite piece of literature, it would have to be The Portrait of Dorian Grey. It’s a beautifully intricate piece of work, with an amazing insight into human nature.

My nominees are….

The Girl in the Little Black Dress

All Things Lady

Low Rise High Hopes

Sadie & Dasie

The Lady Olive

Sweet Magnolia Chic

Sincerely, Whitney

The Fancy Pants Report

A Stairway To Fashion

Anna Koistinen

A Pretty Penny

Here are the questions for my nominees:

What is your favorite go-to look?

What refreshes you when your drained of inspiration?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

How would you define your style in 3words?

What is your favorite organizational tip?

Who in your life has influenced you and your style the most?

Why do you blog?

What is the most helpful thing you have learned about blogging?

What bag are you carrying right now, and why?

If you could only use one type of beauty product, would it be lipstick, mascara, or blush?

I have never been able to…?

Thank you so much again to Rubyangel711 for her thoughtful nomination. Thank you also to all my nominees for their dedication and great blogging!

Taylor, with love


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