Lips to Love 3!

You need detailed information on the best tips and tricks out there for long lasting lipstick application, and you’ve found them!

Hello dears!  I’m sorry I’ve been missing for a little while! I’m working on two major redecorating projects right now that are taking up all of my spare time. I also just got back from a mission trip to New Orleans with the youth group that I mentor. It’s a lot of work, but I love it. I can’t wait to start sharing all of it with you! Today, however, I’m here with the last installment of my Lips to Love mini series to give the best tips on last lasting application!

You can catch up on the rest of these with Lips to Love 1 and 2!

l2l edit 4First, my weapons of choice: Nude or invisible lip liner, a lip brush, and your favorite lipstick.

l2l edit 3Always moisturize! I’m sticking once again, to my favorite Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle creme. You can pick this up at Walmart. It lasts forever, and is the best spot treatment moisturizer out there!

l2l liner reeditNow that your lips are perfectly smooth and moisturized, blot them to remove any residue from your lip balm. Now use your nude or invisible lip liner to line your lips. This prevents your lipstick from bleeding into the lines around your mouth, or smudging outside the lines. Fill them in as well to provide a nice base that really makes your color pop!

I like to use a nude or invisible liner because you can put it under any color without worrying about being able to tell that your liner and lipstick are different! You also avoid that awkward “My lipstick has worn off but I still have this ring of red around my mouth”. (Its not a good look.)

l2l edit 9Grab your lip brush. It took me forever to find this brush and finally found one at Ross for $3! I wanted one to get the most out of my half empty lipstick tubes, but I’ve started using it almost every day. I love the even, precise application you get with a brush.

l2l edit 10The first thing I do when applying lipstick is draw an “x” like so, following the angle of your cupids bow to keep it even on both sides. Then fill in the rest of your lips.

l2l edit 11

After this coat of lipstick is on, blot it very thoroughly.

l2l edit 12Then use any translucent face powder to set your lipstick, the same way you use it to set your concealer. Except for, you take a tissue and cover your lips, and press the powder on through the tissue. IMG_0835Next apply another lighter layer of lipstick on the very top and you are set for hours!

This is my sister and I at her birthday dinner, flaunting some bold lips that i used all of these tips on! Thank you so much for reading guys! Please let me know in the comment sectin if you have any long wear tips that work for you!

Taylor, With Love


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