Wisdom Teeth, Procrastination, Chocolate Shakes, and other things…

              So…I was gonna start painting today. You know, again, but that didn’t happen. You see I got my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. My cheeks are swollen up like a chipmunk; so much that I can’t chew. As it turns out, your pretty weak when you don’t eat for 3 days. So…that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, I thought I’d take a break from whining about the pain in my gums,(it hurt so much worse than I thought it would), and watching Supernatural on Netflix, to give everyone an update.
              I’ve bought the art for my room, and the paint. I will be posting pictures on twitter and instagram this week. The problem is, there is still so much junk stored in there with no other place to put it yet. But I can’t wait any longer to start! I feel like if I can just get this part going, the rest will follow behind it. {Enter reality: a freshly painted room filled with junk that can’t be moved.} I know, I know, but its not gonna hurt anything to go ahead and get it done and it makes me feel better! (Who here can relate?) On the other hand, I’ve got these doubts about spending money on a room in my parents house…. but Hey,

If you wait until you have enough money to redecorate and make your home your own it will never happen. If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new you are missing the point. It is the old, the new, the made, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn (but loved) things in your home that make it your own.
– Stacy Risenmay

             Now I don’t know who Stacy is, (if you do, please let me know!) but she’s a complete genius. This is exactly how I feel about decorating and styling! Its not about owning the designer duds, or impressing (or revolting) anyone, or vanity. It’s about expressing yourself in a way that brings a little extra beauty into your world. It’s about designing something that makes you smile a little more everyday. Creating an environment that makes you feel at peace, that makes you feel at home. So what’s $30 bucks on paint? That’s the only long term loss I’ll be taking on this project. Everything else I plan to invest in are things that I can take with me and keep for a long time.
             Anywho, Sam and Dean are waiting for me with another chocolate shake. Its one of the few things I can eat right now (no chewing). Bye!
                            Taylor, with love


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