I live in small town Texas. I work at a motor bank, and am soon to be a stepmom to my significant others 3 children. I do a lot of casual #mommywear. So I wanted to show more of that on the blog, because fashion is for living in, not just taking pictures of. (That’s what’s so great about it.) 

  So today I pulled out a couple of my favorite basics to give you some stylish #mommywear options if your stuck in a rut. I chose these high waisted Levi’s jeans for a more unexpected base. The higher waistline will help cinch in any mommy tummy, and also put the smallest part of your silhouette closer to your true waist for the most figure flattering look. The ever versatile white tee is the perfect co-conspirator. I always get mine from Forever21. 

Look one:  Laid Back


Scarves are an easy go-to accessory for transforming a look. Mine is vintage, but I found some similar ones at American Apparel, Shoptiques, and Modcloth. These cute minimalist sandals and matching gold bangle make this look classic and suitable for the park, errands, or any other daytime tasks.  

Look 2: Glamorous

You’d be surprised what a little something sparkly can do for your outfit, and your mood!  This necklace is sold out on Baublebar, but check them out for other great options. Funky cat-eye sunnies amp the glam factor along with the obvious practical use.


Look 3: Artsy

For this last look I went to my trusty keds, and matched the leather trim to this cool fedora I picked up on vacation a few years ago. Here are some similar ones at GapZappos, and Charming Charlie. I love the mix of pattern and texture here. Then I added this beaded necklace for some extra color. This necklace caught my eye because the non- painted beads and ribbon tie make it safe for little people to yank, or suck, or chew! (You could even DIY a necklace like this!) 


So there you have it! I hope this little post gave you some inspiration on how to mix things up during the daily grind of motherhood. Sometimes it’s hard if you feel like yoga pants and spit-up on old tees are your only options. It quickly deprives you of your femininity and spirit, but don’t fall for that trap! There’s no reason why practical clothes have to be dull or void of personality. Your children are true joy, go and enjoy them! And do all things with love. 1Corinthians 16:14 

Taylor, with love 


Check out this new way to shop!

So If you know me, you know that I am a cheapskate. Before I walk into a store I know exactly what I’m looking for, and how much I’m willing to pay for it, and I don’t budge. I do online gift card surveys all the time, and yes, I am the lady in the grocery store holding up the line with her coupons. With that said, I had to tell you about this new app I got. I haven’t been off of it since I got it because it’s completely genius. Its called Poshmark.

You create a free account to make your own little virtual closet store. You take cute pictures of that old jewelry from your ex, and the designer dress you got on clearance that just doesn’t fit right, or those jeans you know you’ll never fit into again. (You know what I’m talking about ladies.) Then you post them and wait for someone to buy! In the meantime, you can shop other peoples closets! Its that easy. On top of that, its made up of a whole community of the sweetest women out there. Within minutes of posting my first item for sale, I had a ton of experienced “poshers” messaging me with compliments, tips, and welcoming words.

So all in all, I’m obsessed, and you should check it out. Find me at taylorwithlove on Poshmark! And tell me if you recognize any of the things you see!

Taylor, With Love

Top 5 painting tips that saved my life.

IMG_2157     Painting is done, and I am moving in! Hallelujah!

So in case you didn’t know, I am smack in the middle of a major redecorating project. I am moving my bedroom to the spare room of the house. Which meant major cleaning out and re-painting and the whole shi-bang. So while I was painting I used a few key tips that I thought I would share to make your next project a little bit simpler.

IMG_21911.Remove your hardware. (note the outlet without a cover)

It seems obvious, I know but it really saves you so much time in the long run. The last time I painted a room I didn’t think to unscrew the light switch covers or outlet covers or anything. So not only did I have to tape all those pesky little things, I had to try to get paint off of the ones that I didn’t want to tape… Just remember to tape the screws onto the cover before you lose them!

IMG_21992. Remove your tape while the paint is still wet.

Speaking of tape…and again obvious. (It says to do this in the directions on the back of the tape.) But it really makes all the difference. You get such a clean line when you take it off right away. If you forget and take it off when the paint is dry, you get a bit of a mess.

IMG_21933. Go around the edges of the wall with your paintbrush first, and then fill in the center with your roller.

I actually did not use this tip, but now I wish that I had. It would have been so much easier to get in there with that brush without worrying about smudging the wet wall. Not to mention trying to blend out the overlap lines.

IMG_21634. Use dry cleaning bags as drop cloths.

No need for you to spend half of your paint budget on drop cloths! $5-$10 for a tarp to drip paint on? I think they’ve been breathing in too many fumes! Just grab those old dry cleaning bags out of your closet. They aren’t supposed to still be on your clothes anyway! Peel them in half along the seam, and there you go 🙂

IMG_21595. If you wrap your brush or roller tightly in plastic and stick it in the fridge, the paint won’t dry!

Dun, dun, dun!! This is the single most genius tip ever. Just stick your brush in a ziplock, stick it in the back of your fridge until your ready to finish your project. And its ready when you are. No messy, complicated cleanup necessary. It should stay moist for up to two weeks. I also put plastic bags over my paint tray. No cleanup there either!

So that’s what I learned on my painting adventure. A little bit of sage advice, a little bit of just follow the directions. Hope this helps you out, and please let me know what your favorite tips are!

Until next time.

  Taylor, with Love